About Fastrac

About Fastrac

Fastrac is a Victoria, BC printing and direct mail company that delivers marketing and communications solutions for a wide variety of Canadian and US businesses. We are located on Dunedin St., just off Gorge Rd. in Victoria BC.

About Greg Hawes

Fastrac is owned and operated by veteran print and mail specialist Greg Hawes, who has been bringing his brand of professionalism, attention to detail and community-mindedness to the print business for over 26 years.

Need an estimate or want to talk through a job? Greg’s your man.

Give him a shout at (1) (250) 590-2998 ext. 111 or drop him an email

Environmental Commitment for Commercial Printing

At Fastrac, we are committed to providing services and products that are sustainable. We are confident that our printed pieces will still look and feel professional and deliver results when strong environmental printing practices are in place. We recommend low environmental impact FSC papers and inks to our clients whenever they are available.

Our shop is committed to recycling and reducing our environmental footprint. We have recently taken part in an energy-saving workshop to continue our efforts to reduce our energy output. That means Greg had to give up drinking his coffee from a metal drum!

Call +1 (250) 590-2998 ext. 111 today for a quote. Ask for Greg. Fastrac is a made-in-Victoria-BC company.

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Fastrac Printing
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